About Us

Masalai Tokaut is here to be the reason of truth for all the of the people revolving around personal care such as skin care, hygiene, self care, ect.

All over the internet you can find so called truths about personal care which in retrospect sometimes do not turn out to be what you expect.

Reason being, everyone’s body is different! No one person is the same. There are different ways to achieve the same goal.

That’s why Masalai Tokaut is here to provide information you can use to see the red flags when starting a new routine or trying out new products.

The goal is to find relevant and updated information which will help someone, at least one person, in which where they will find success with in their personal care goal.

This is the transperency in perosnal care.

There are some of the facts: Women on avg have 12 personal care products per day. That means their body is exposed to 168 different chemicals which touch their skin at some point.

Let’s look at the difference. Europe has banned 1,300 ingredients, in retrospect, the US has only banned 11. There is a clear disconnect in what should and shouldn’t be used. We’re here to post articles on what should and shouldn’t be used.

The personal care industry is a huge industry on 71 billion dollars.

Shockingly, there has been minimal regulation on a crucial topic, safety. In the US, the cosmetic safety legislation has not been updated in 75 years. We need a source of trustworthy information and Masalai Tokaut is here to delve into the truth.

What is important? Ingredient transparency. We need to know what’s in our products, period! Globally, this is a a concern from 8 out of 10 consumers.

Why is this important? 87% of consumers say the use of no harsh chemicals drives their beauty purchases in the beauty and personal care industry.

So we are here to help. Check out our blog.

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